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Shinobi (忍), also interchangeably referred to as ninja (忍者), are the primary focus of the Roleplay. The majority of the characters belong to this profession, put together in team and units to serve their respective nations

Difference with canon

The shinobi within the Roleplay is quite different than from the canon/anime/manga. The differences lay that they are still quite human and use chakra to perform their feats. However, they aren't able to jump over buildings or crush metal without applying chakra. They are in essence more fragile and easier to relate to - compared to the canon's shinobi who are able to perform all kind of inhuman feats rather easily. The reasons are because it is easier to manage balance across a wide range of characters, ranks, classes and more.

Though some may state that this downplays the fun, the Roleplay has constantly endured through the test of time because it doesn't follow the canons kind of shinobi.

Shinobi Abilities

Every shinobi, regardless of what military unit or nation they serve, is capable of moulding and using chakra. This allows them to perform a huge variety of techniques and abilities. The further weight factor is the addition of other abilities drawn from specific bloodlines or being taught Hidden (secret) techniques.

Shinobi Reputation

The reputation of shinobi, in general, is far from good. As one might suspect, there have been enough instances where shinobi have abused their abilities to obtain their ambitions. If this wasn't enough, the majority of people don't fully understand how chakra works and for most the doings of ninjutsu seems to be akin to magic. That very same lack of understanding has fueled and settled a natural distrust for all kind of shinobi.

While hostility towards shinobi on sight is extremely rare, it isn't strange for the common populace to treat them with a certain disdain. In fact, many see the appearance of shinobi as a sign that trouble is imminent. Strange or fickle as humans can be, this tends to affect most shinobi that aren't renowned for incredible feats of aiding their country. There are enough prominent figures that have a shinobi background and yet enjoy the prospect of respect from the common folk, even being idolized and not considered a mere shinobi.

Shinobi Forces

There are many shinobi forces that serve in the known world's militaries. The Roleplay focuses largely on the shinobi residing in the following countries. Though there are many similarities between the shinobi corps of various countries, they tend to differ in various aspects - such as recruiting, standards and equipment.