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The average roc is a large beast. When standing on its legs and its back straightened out, their height can reach up from 6'6 feet/1.98 metres to 8'10 feet/2.69 metres. Usually, their feathers sport a brown coloured, though there have been rocs that had feathers that are slightly darker or lighter though nothing too far away from brown.


It's not confirmed if the birds are solitaire or live in small communities. This has been difficult to conclude as there has never been a full analysis on the birds. Even with the Akiyama clan in Kirigakure, who hold since recently a number of these birds, most of what is known of the birds is merely guessing. With reports and stories about these birds varying, it is thus hard to say what they are. They, however, have been reporting to hunt for small cattle and animals on land - both alone as in pairs. It is not also unusual to spot a roc attempting to hunt down another bird, but this has occurred less as the bigger sized specimen aren't that agile as other birds. Fishermen have also reported and tales of how rocs attempted to dive down and attempting to steal some of their caught fish as well rocs diving down to try to catch fish themselves. They thus seem to have a moderate of intelligence and so far a few have been tamed, but their handlers do report that it is an extremely tough job to keep the birds disciplined to prevent infighting.

Region of Appearance

The majority of the Rocs have been spotted at the northern and the eastern parts of the Kanashi Ocean. There have been reports and stories that there are also small populations at the Sea Country.

Strong Points

  • Strong: The birds are capable of lifting heavy weight with their size. With their sharp talons, they can deliver deadly attacks with diving on their prey, digging their talons in them and proceeding to drag them up in the air to only drop them to their demise.
  • Sharp eyes: Rocs have similar sharp eyes to that of hawks.
  • Good intelligence: Rocs have shown that they are cunning enough to observe and make capable estimations on when they can take on a prey or not. Their intelligence further allows them to learn quickly from mistakes and adapt.

Weak Points

  • Strong sense of independence: With their strong sense of independence it has proven difficult to tame these creatures, often resulting in the creature's demise or that of the handler.
  • Fickle Loyalty: Handlers have reported that it is a constant fight to keep control over their rocs as the birds test their handlers from time to time. Disobeying an order or straight out attempting to attack their handler isn't a rare occurrence.