This page is dedicated to the various artwork, podcasts and videos etc that have been made for the Roleplay. Here, you can watch and listen to some of the recorded material that the Roleplay has made.


Ever since a session of voice-chatting between Roran Hawkins, Gerontis, Frostedcamel and Oblivion - that lasted over five hours- the idea to make podcasts has arisen in the community. First, there were a few jokes made but gradually over time it became an appealing idea and was supported by the community.


RP New Generations Podcast Character Creation-0

Here is a list of the podcasts recorded and uploaded so far:


RP New Generations Podcast Character Interaction

  • Character Development, Part 2
    Still in progress.


Over the years, the Roleplays had and still has amazing people who can draw. Various artwork has been made for characters, clans and the setting of the Roleplay.

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