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Welcome to the Naruto RP : The Rise of the New Generation. This an alternative universe apart from the cannon. A story and RP that has been going on for at least two years, an RP where history has been made literally by the players and for the players. We hope that you will like your stay and wish you the best while being part of the RP. Any questions? Then please take contact with the GM's of the RP. The RP accept newcomers and interested people within our midst as it most likely will have a place where one can start and grow into the story. No matter what arc or situation!


We’re a collaborative community about Naruto: New Generations. It is a Roleplay found on the forum site of Iwaku. It started years ago on Roleplayerguild but with the notorious Decembers crash during 2015 the Roleplay would move to the more stable Iwaku. There the Roleplay continued to flourish, expanding in lore, posts as members. With the increasing lore and history, the decision was eventually made to form a wiki. This wiki serves the purpose to safeguard lore, history and various other information that is also better regulated and shown here than all compressed together on the Opening Page of the Roleplay.

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