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It comes without any surprise that each country has its own military. On this page, you can find the information linked to the known military of each country. It is important to know that with your character being part of the Shinobi corps, of the respective country your character is serving, that they are also part of the regular military. The only excluded people are those who are part of a unit that isn't considered part of the regular military - such as the Intelligence Division.

The ranking within the regular military goes along with the ranking a character has as shinobi. It is very possible, for example, that a jounin can lead a team but is also ranked as a captain within its respective military. While it might be confusing for some, it is easy to know when the military ranking will be involved. During times of peace, it isn't really of much importance - unless the character has a high ranking which involves administrative work or decisions involving his or her unit. In times of peace, the ranking of genin, chuunin and etc are being in place. In times of war, the regular military ranking will kick in and be more present.

In the West

In the North

In the South

In the East

Specialised Units

Most nations have developed their own specialised military divisions. This can range from merely a corps specialised in communication to the likes of the ANBU, that are specialised in subterfuge and assassinations. Most countries have similar special operatives, such as the ANBU. But some countries have different or more special divisions and units.

In General

These special units and divisions are used by a myriad of nations and clans. There are differences in preferences when it comes to approaches, what techniques they have and favour and so forth.  It is safe to assume that these military units are used by all the great nations on the Western continent.

'Unique' Units

Some nations, and even clans, have their own unique specialised units. These units sometimes have one or more things in common with the other specialised units. What sets them apart, more than their name is usually the way on how they conduct their affairs and training as recruitment.