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This is the Hallowed Hall of the Deceased. On this page, you will find some information on previous characters who were in the roleplay and about their achievements before their departure.

Empire of Akino

Those who served the Imperial banner.

  • Sakamoto Senju
    • Deceased in the year 477. Once served in the Hokage Guard, murdered within the confines of his own home during his retirement.

Lightning Country

Those who served the North.

  • Chizuko Irozaki
    • Deceased in the year 476. Served as the Commander of the ANBU during the Fifth Raikage's tenure, assassinated by zealots of Rong in Kumogakure.
  • Takeru Destrushia
    • Deceased in the year 477. Served as the Fifth Raikage, poisoned within the Raikage Office complex.

Republic of Water

Those who served the Republic.

  • Hiro ‘Hajime’ Akiyama
    • Deceased in the year 476. Served within the Republic's military as its first Lord Commander. Murdered in public.