These guides are written by both players and members of the GM team. They serve the purpose of helping to both understand as work better in or with various scenarios and situations. As an example, the combat guide can help a member of the RP to write better for situations and scenarios involving combat. The guide, hopefully, enlightens the person on what is appreciated and what should be shunned in order to write better for a combat situation.

Combat Guide - by Deuce

The combat guide serves to help one to understand as writing better for and in combat situations. With the setting of the RP and the military orientation of the characters, it is no surprise that combat plays an important role. Yet, this guide can provide some guidance and aid for those who either new or unsure of how to write for a combat scenario or situation.

Combat Guide by Deuce.

Training Guide - by Aliceee

What can be said of the combat guide is the same for the training guide. Characters train alone or with each other to grasp and master techniques, fighting styles and etc better. This can't just be done in a sentence but requires a post. This guide will shed some light on how this can be obtained in a good way.

Training Guide byAliceee.

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