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"Swords are for wenches, get yourself an axe!"

Galdur the Brave is a Framían, hailing from the House of Óttar. He is renowned for his bravery and martial prowess - having fought in the Great War as well leading several expeditions eastwards in various voyages. His allies, kin and subjects respect and like him for his honesty and generous spirit. His enemies mock his stubbornness and multiple scandals that Galdur indulged in his younger days.


Galdur is known for his bravery, fearing only a few in battle, and willingness to risk limb and life to obtain glory and honour in the name of his clan and kin. He relishes a challenge against his martial prowess, keen to hone still and improve his already excellent skills. Interested in military affairs and sagas, he has a love for the tales of old. If it were slightly different in life and the Gods had bestowed him with a different set of skills or lineage, he could have been a great skald. However, Galdur isn't a man that neglects his responsibilities. Understanding what heavy duties weigh on his shoulder, he seeks to better the lives of his people.

Too often, Galdur finds himself conflicted between his desires to acclaim more glory and renown and that of his tasks as a leader. While he has some experience leading men, this is simply in battle. The tenacious functions of diplomacy, stewardship and intrigue are matters that Galdur find difficult. More often than not, he delegates some of these tasks to his younger brother, Hafsteinn, while attempting to focus on one major task at a time.

While Galdur possesses a generous and kind spirit, he isn't without flaws. He is quick to become angry whenever an outsider dares to speak of his kin; this certainly when words flow from out of a member of the Aldinn family. More often than not, Galdur let himself also be challenged too easily by others, causing him to be outwitted and humiliated when the challenge doesn't befit martial prowess.

Ever since the death of his wife, Seònaid, Galdur has become less outgoing. She died in the year 467, complications during childbirth. An unfortunate event that saw both Seònaid as the child died. A loss that has seeped most of Galdur's desire to continue from him. His position does expect him to sire an heir or else have Hafsteinn stay as his heir. A particular dilemma has caused some tension within the House Óttar, as Hafsteinn denounced the claim several times. Despite promising that he will appoint or sire a true heir, this has yet to happen.


The Framíans are no strangers to the waves. And underneath Galdur's reign, there seems to be a new wave of interest and prosperity for maritime activities. Such as whaling and piracy.

Born as the first son of Ranulf, the previous lord of House Óttar, Galdur was raised and expected to follow his father as the next lord. In his youth, Galdur was a child hardly capable of containing himself. He often got in trouble for fighting with others - usually picking fights with those taller or appearing stronger than him. Galdur wasn't a disobedient child but just one with too much energy, according to his mother.  As Galdur grew older,  it seemed that his energy to find challenges and overcoming them didn't diminish.

In his teens, Galdur also developed a sure 'love' for making merry. Indeed, the alcohol and womenfolk were subjects that Galdur had a hard time resisting. Next to fighting and training, he was usually spotted chasing the other two topics. Eventually, Galdur was punished by his father, Ranulf, to halt his constant romantic adventures. According to some that served Ranulf, paying for women to not come delivering bastards started to become too expensive.

Eventually, Galdur started to amass a following of his own. Gathering capable warriors and recruits, he set sail out several times - taking a fight more than once with vessels from other countries. These voyages started to inspire Galdur to go further each time as he was ever curious about finding an opponent that could best him honourably.

Seònaid was the first and still last wife of Galdur. A friendly and kind woman, who many hoped to sire many strong children to continue the future of House Óttar. Her death, however, came much sooner than desired and caused a wound that can still be felt to this day.

When the Great War beset the world, Galdur rallied his men and set out to fight. In the first months that the Framíans were oathbound to aid the Fire Daimyo, Galdur sought to fight against the capable sailors and marines of the Water country. Knowing full well the capability of his vessel against that of his opponents, he used cunning and wit to outsmart and outmanoeuvre them consistently. Boarding and capturing seven enemy vessels, Galdur earned his moniker amongst his people. To his foreign enemies, he was just one of the countless pesky pirates. One pirate that got lucky not getting captured by a smarter captain. As the notable conflict continued and the Hon clan's heartlands, south of Framí, were invaded, Galdur once more rallied to the call. Most companions of his youth found their demise. Others that were slightly luckier got crippled for life. Yet, Galdur, who dove into the thick of battle, managed coming out of it - with only a few scars, bearing them as tokens of his enemies.

The end of the Great War saw some peace and prosperity returning to Framí. Most were content to focus on their hearth and kin. But it was near torture for Galdur, who desired to fight and earn more. Just as he was about to set on a voyage to the far south, terrible news struck him. His wife, Seònaid, died during complications of trying to give birth. Returning with haste from a hunt Galdur wept for nearly eight full days. Several times, he became enraged by his kin and friends, suggesting to give Seònaid and his unnamed child their final rites. It was only Hafsteinn that managed to convince Galdur to do so.

Survivor of many fights, Galdur is also known as a competent duelist. Many of which he has done to settle feuds. Yet, there seems to be no end to the rivalry between the house of Óttar and that of Aldinn.

Not soon after, Galdur had also to give goodbyes to his father. Ranulf died peacefully in his sleep. Thus making Galdur the next leader of House Óttar. The death of his wife and child, however, still have left a deep mark upon Galdur. And many fear what may happen if Galdur doesn't find an heir.


Galdur is a frightening combatant. While he cannot mould chakra, his skills in close-quarter combat easily rival that of a jounin. His strength and endurance have been often compared to that of a large bear. Proficient in the use of the traditional weapons of his people, Galdur is rumoured to be an absolute terror when it comes to hand to hand fighting. One such story has it that he broke the skull of a foe by merely slamming it against his knee.

Another skill that Galdur has shown is understanding and leading people into battle. He is capable of figuring out what his men want and how to earn their respect - or fear. His charisma has allowed him to turn many doubters into staunch followers, despite his flaws. Furthermore, Galdur is a capable sailor and navigator. He knows the sea and has been able to outmanoeuvre those with sturdier vessels. His understanding of maritime activities has allowed some modicum of trade and piracy to continue in the Kaizoku Sea.


  • Some of Galdur's biggest scandals are the various bastards that he has sired among women. Though his father, Ranulf, has bought the secrecy and oathbound most women to be silent, there have been various schemes by Galdur's rivals to find and use some of these bastards.
  • The rivalry and feuds between the House of Óttar and Aldinn is hardly resolved. Galdur still firmly believes that it was the Aldinns that poisoned and caused his mother to die. There isn't enough proof or evidence that survived to this day, but none of Galdur nor his kin has yet released that theory.