A map with the main cultures and their extend being visualised.

There are various cultures that have formed and decided the traditions and manners of the clans and people in the universe of the roleplay. This page serves to give an overview of the present cultures and where they can be found in this world, with a little summary.

List of cultures

The Imperial culture, which is technically closer to a lifestyle than a real culture, that is growing within the Empire of Akino. It isn’t yet dominant in any area but currently spreading at a fast pace in the Royal crownlands (which is Konohagakure and essentially most of the non-claimed clan land between the Hon, Hanta and Tokugawa clans).

The Calarian culture is one of mystery. It is unknown what the true origin of the Calarian culture is. Not to mention that it is going by a lot of names that differs, depending on what region it is discovered. The name 'Calarian' has become the official name for it ever since it has sparked a large interest at the Homura university in Konohagakure. What is so far known is that the Calarian culture seems to have been widespread - being found from the far west to the isles of the Republic and possibly the eastern continent.

The Chonobi culture doesn't originate from the western continent. Centuries ago, large groups started to migrate from the east to the west - which is obvious from the very different values and traditions that the culture has in comparison with that of the Taika or Yakimara. Crossing the seas in order to reach the western continent, various places would be influenced by the Chonobi. Either through conquest or cooperation, the Chonobi culture started to grow in various regions of the western continent. Further conquest and either the locals being assimilated or displaced led to the consolidation of the future of the Chonobi culture.

The culture on the eastern continent that is most present is called Rén, which means 'people' or 'person'. The Rén culture is different in mannerism and values from the other cultures, that are present on the western continent. It is clear that there are some similarities but they are often small. The Rén culture further differs itself that it has various branches, often shown by regional traditions and clans that define themselves as Rén much like the Taika, but that there isn't much of a diversity in faiths and beliefs.

The most present culture on the western continent is the Taika culture. Most clans and people (that also don't belong to a clan) speak and have manners and traditions that adhere to the Taika. This can be seen back as most countries were formed in a similar hierarchy, with a daimyo becoming the absolute ruler of a nation, after the Warring Clans Era. To, however, state that the Taika is one and single culture is wrong. There are many branches, such as clans, that have their own traditions and different values. However, speaking the same language they are considered to be part of the Taika culture.

The Yakimara culture is from origin, like the Taika, from the western continent. They differ from the Taika as they have a different language and various manners. Though they were once in the past with more numbers, large groups of Yakimara would become assimilated by the Taika. This led to the effect that the largest Yakimara clans became closer due to the pressure of the advancing Taika. Yet, there is no clash, or has been much of one, between the Yakimara and Taika cultures.


There are many dialects and languages existing together within the setting. Much like the different cultures, there are languages that are practised by many of the world's residents.

  • Aegan

Aegan is only spoken within the Aegan Republic and the northern part of the Sea country. It's used as the official language in the parliament and is the most commonly spoken language in the entirety of the archipelago. It has been lightly affected by Taika and Rén as of late, especially in the Pannian and Hittite dialects. It bears a distinct resemblance to Franc.

  • Calarian

The Calarian language is mostly unknown. The fact that the Calarian civilization is considered dead or lost has made it hard for scholars and experts to estimate a range of the language; or what particular effects it may have had on the modern-day used languages. There are very few who practice and understand Calarian. It is speculated by some experts that both the western and eastern continent were affected by the existence of the Calarian civilization.

  • Chonobi

The Chonobi language is described by outsiders as short and harsh; whereas others find the language most useful to convey emotions. The language is formed by writing in runes, which has made it hard for outsiders to understand the myriad of runes and their meanings. It is common in the eastern half of the Akinian Empire as the far northern reaches of the Northern Dominion.

  • Franc

Franc is the only Aegean language that has endured through the centuries as it was, and persisted in its use. It's very commonly used among poets and philosophers, and so it's known as a more "intellectual" language, but the only ones who speak it as their native tongue are the citizens of Stimboli and Lygos, who are usually working class, a far cry from their perceived life style.

  • Palahvi

The dominant language within the Sayyadian realm is Pahlavi, bearing no resemblance to Taika. Because of that fact, many Sayyadians claim that their culture and people are older - and thus more prestigious than their neighbouring realms. Pahlavi seems to incorporate a lot of body language to emphasise meanings.

  • Qigalth

Qigalth is one of the few surviving languages that may originate within the archipelago islands cultures. Some historians and linguistics believe and attempted to prove with their research that Qigalth is a unique language on its own, with nearly no influence from Taika or Rén. Qigalth itself having a lot more different vowels and aspiration consonants, providing it with a rather unique sound compared to Taika or Rén. Qigalth is only utilized within the Jirou Authority, originating from the Akechi clan.

  • Taika

Taika is the most dominant language on the western continent. While there are many dialects and accents present within the Taika language, it is entirely possible for two foreigners to have an exchange; as long as they speak slowly and concisely. Many communities within the western sphere of the Eastern continent have been influenced by Taika - through commerce and politics.

  • Yakimara

Yakimara is a language most common in the southern and eastern part of the Akinian Empire. Many seem to like the language, for how nicely it flows and sounds - almost describing it as a sort of singing. With the rise of the Akinian Empire, people of education have started to adopt the language as a 'intellectual' one - giving prestige to those who speak it fluently in the Academic world within the Empire.

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