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The handsignals, when being weaved into a successive streak can mould chakra within one's body.

A training that has been used by many Shinobi and has been introduced by Gerontis. One needs to sit in a meditation sit and then form and hold (for the whole duration of the training) the handseal that is the affinity of the chakra nature they want to train. It looks very simple, but it requires great focus, concentration and patience. The character starts moulding their chakra in a way that it seems they want to use it, but just to the state it keeps moulding in their body. It seems that they are actively moving the chakra, but don't use it. This can be very effective for effectively learning how to improve one's chakra control. There are however some risks to it.

People that have low concentration spans will notice that if they mess somehow up that their chakra moulding will cause a burning sensation. It feels like the chakra and their blood has turned into fire, burning away tissue as the chakra is kind of running rampant. This can have some nasty results if one keeps screwing up and it's thus advised to have an experienced person to overview the first attempts of this training as they can insert their own chakra to try to calm down the chakra system of the practice.

It's also been revealed that this is a way to learn a new chakra element (ask permission of the GM's first!) to use the handseal that is affiliated to an element. This is however not easily done as even for experienced users of this way of training need to adjust their body to the strange/new manner of the new chakra moulding.

The handseals for each basic nature:

  • Keep in mind that advanced chakra natures often use one of the chakra elements affiliated handsignals.

Fire Nature : Ram and Tiger

Lightning Nature : Dog and Monkey

Wind Nature : Bird and Hare

Earth Nature : Serpent and Boar

Water Nature : Horse and Rat