Information is often written down in scrolls, codexes, manuals and books. But knowledge can be dangerous. Not every source of information is useful, as it's not a rare or strange thing to see facts, recipes or certain information in sources being twisted. Either to mislead those who the author doesn't wish to learn the knowledge in his or her book, scroll or codex. Or to bring harm on them on purpose, misleading them to destroy themselves.

In order to make it clear on what kind of matters are kept secretive, considered as dangerous - thus also kept away - and what kind of literature has been thought off and easy to have access to, this page will, hopefully, clear some light on that.

Obviously, it isn't an easy task and though this page will be updated from time to time as the story progress, it is best to ask the GM team if you're uncertain about finding information in a codex, book, scroll or etc. We will hope that it is a bit of common sense that, for example, kinjutsu (禁術, Literally meaning: Forbidden Techniques ) won't just be found in a common, neighbourhood library.

The order will be:

  • Public books:

These books and literature can be found in libraries. Depending on the author, it can differ in how rare or common the books are. Books written in Yakimara or Chonobi will be quite rare to find in the northern ranges of the Lightning country, for example. Same probably goes for finding a fighting manual from the Akiyama clan in the clan lands of the Uchiha. Distance can be a factor which decides if it is rare or common.

  • Secretive:

The information in these works is kept away from the public. One must think of Hidden fighting styles or techniques. But also information that is considered too important by certain individuals or groups. While they are kept away from prying eyes - or attempted to be kept from the public - the information in these works aren't considered to be illegal or labelled as unstable or dangerous.

  • Dangerous:

Books and the like that are in this sector are considered to be illegal, unstable and dangerous. When found they are often disposed off or kept in the dark, hoping that it will protect the public from the dangers in the texts.

Public Books

  • The work of Minoru no Kanazawa of the Uchiha clan, regarding the battles fought in the Tokugawa Conquest.
  • The work of Ingvar Hon. "A Lifetime of Bloody War", a book that described some of his tactics and experiences of both the Tokugawa conquest and conflicts before.



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