This pages shows and lets you know about several shinobi who have gained a kind of status. Either one that inflicts fear, despair, anger or hatred among other nin. The ones listed usually have done an achievement that caused them to become known and gain fame, thus become listed in the Bingo Book. This doesn't mean that they have a ransom on their head, but are sometimes people to watch out or making a name for themselves. People that can are regarded as a threat or highly dangerous.

Only, however, Jounin and ANBU ranked have a bingo book. Lower ranked don't usually have access to the Bingo Book.

How It Works

When a shinobi has achieved something, their deeds sometimes can travel around, as some people will start to talk about their achievements or deeds. This causes them to gain some fame and glory. Though keep in mind that it works like a double edged blade. You may be able to kill a high ranked nin of another village and you may get feared for it, but also hated. While you can use this to instill fear into the hearts of your enemy, beware that they mostly also know a thing or two. Depending on what the Bingo Book has listed on you.

To climb in the 'ranks' of the Bingo Book, one needs to do achievements. What are those? Depends. Whether you killed a high ranked nin of another village, managed to defeat something or whatever that gained you fame can get you something as an achievement.


There are various ranks within the Bingo Book. There is a renown 'level' and then the ranking that we're used to. The E-S that are given to how deadly the nin is in his or her work. Being highly renowned can be a perk, but also a disadvantage. The same goes for the ranks. It is important to note that a character can be given the rank of 'B' while they are, for example, still at chuunin rank. The ranking isn't just about their rank but about their achievements.

The ranking will also be divided among three parts. First, are the names that are known worldwide. Then come those who are more known in their own nation. Finally, those who are either dead or resigned from service. It is interesting to note with the last that those who died after having resigned from active service, will stay noted as resigned.


Those who are highly known for their deadly fighting style, achievements and combat strength. These have a big big amount of a renown, often well known among a lot of characters by name and or actions. Even those without a bingo book can know one or two names from this list.

Empire of Akino

  • Aiko Cho-Hon
Name Aiko Cho-Hon
Nickname Konoha's Red Flower
Clan Cho Clan
Rank A
Status Alive, currently the Cho Clan leader, a member of the Civic Council of the Akinian Empire and leader of Team 8.
  • Developed several useful and dreadful genjutsu.
  • Is a feared assassin for her Silent Killing and ability to bring down higher rank nin.
  • Brought the Cho Clan together and united them once more.
Known information One of Konoha's deadliest Genjutsu users. Aiko is an opponent that has gained the respect and fear of some people already, with the use of her ninjutsu and genjutsu expertise. Only a fool would try to charge head on when facing against her. Her mastery over Silent Killing is something not to take lightly.
  • Hisoka Uchiha
Name Hisoka Uchiha
Nickname The Sharingan Captain and Fourth Hokage
Clan Uchiha Clan
Rank S
Status Alive, currently the governor of the Fire Province and previously Yondaime Hokage.
  • Leading several victories during the Great War against Iwa, Kiri and Sunagakure.
  • Facing against Masuba of the Mist and surviving, while being a chuunin.
  • Becoming the Fourth Hokage, who (co)-created of the Fire Union.
Known information Is a very deadly shinobi due to his sharingan and barrier jutsu. Reports of the past have shown that he deceives his enemy before crushing them with his barrier and elementary ninjutsu.
  • Kensuke Nimatsu
Name Kensuke Nimatsu
Nickname The Green Falcon/ Konoha's Blade
Clan Nimatsu Clan
Rank A
Status Alive, currently the leader of Team 7
  • Killing Kaiji, the head of the Sunagakure's Puppeteers and one of its highest jounin. (While being a chuunin)
  • A student of Zakito Hon and a mentor of Kiyomi Homura I.
  • Defeating and killing Ushio Natsu, a high ranked missing nin.
  • Killing Katsuro Hon, a past leader of the Hon clan.
  • Killing the Daimyo of the Land of Fangs, a high ranked Earth Grudge user.
Known information A deadly kenjutsu user who combines the Camouflage technique with his tactics. Due his training with Zakito Hon, he has been taught to use several tactics of his mentor. This causes him to be a highly versatile opponent who shouldn't be underestimated.
  • Kiyomi Homura I
Name Kiyomi Homura I
Nickname Konoha's Blue Flame/ Lightning Flash/ The Nibi's Jinchuriki
Clan Hon Clan
Rank A
Status Alive, currently the First Empress of the Akinian Empire.
  • Mastering Bijuu chakra control to a great extent.
  • Killing Masuba of the Mist, previous owner of Samehada. (while being a chuunin)
  • Defeating a number of high ranked nin of several villages (while being a chuunin)
  • Developing some deadly techniques Student of several renowned names.
  • Becoming a jounin-sensei on the age of 14 and Hokage apprentice.
  • Creator and former leader of the Konohagakure Guardians.
  • First Empress of Akino.
Known information A cunning foe that has proven herself to be a lethal fighter, often surprising enemies by using unorthodox tactics. Her fighting style that can change suddenly, has caught many off guard. Her mastery over the Two Tails chakra and use of Blue Fire has also given her renown.
  • Ryuoku Samidare
Name Ryouku Samidare
Nickname The Water Tiger/ Rain Kage
Clan None
Rank S
Status Resigned, used to be the Third Amekage of the Rain Province.
  • The Third Amekage.
  • Managing to increase the prosperity of Amegakure.
  • Liberating Amegakure, leading the rebels during the suppression of Shoji.
  • An experienced master of Water Release.
Known information Somebody that is so skilled in Water Release, it can be even a threat to Fire technique experts. Not to mention that he is a skilled and experienced leader of men, shown in his achievements. Other than that, he is a name that is climbing to the top. Maybe not too fast, but surely increasing fame.
  • Zakito Hon
Name Zakito Hon
Nickname The White Wolf
Clan Hon Clan
Rank S
Status Alive, currently the highest military commander of the Akinian Empire and the leader of the Hon clan.
  • Killing the First, Second(During the First Shinobi World War) and Third Kazekage. (Short Suna war)
  • Due to his mastery over the sharingan, while not being an Uchiha.
  • Pupil of Daisuke Uchiha, appointed as his successor.
  • Mentor of several renowned names/people.
  • Leading victories against Suna, Iwa and Kirigakure during the Great War.
  • Developing several techniques. Such as Chidori and some others.
Known information A man that has managed to outsmart many foes and even killing more. His mastery over lightning and speed of handseals has caused the downfall of many. Not to mention his sharingan has allowed him to copy other techniques or pulling some into grim genjutsu.

Lightning Country

  • Takeru Destrushia
Name Takeru Destrushia
Nickname The Fifth Raikage/Storm Blade and Second Masked Raikage.
Clan Irozaki Clan
Rank S
Status Alive, currently the Fifth Raikage.
  • A very highly experienced ANBU Captain.
  • Being one of the few war veterans from the Great War, having quite a record.
  • The Raikage, after Jinyaru, responsible for some progress in Kumogakure.
  • Leader and creator of the Storm Guard,
Known information Skilled and experienced in the use of Storm Release and other ninjutsu as well kenjutsu. Rumoured to be a deadly fighter as he has shown knowledge about a lot of things and how to counter them, such as barrier and sealing ninjutsu.
  • Midori Sato
Name Midori Sato
Nickname Kumo's Savior/ The Hachibi's Jinchuriki
Clan Sato Clan
Rank A
Status Alive, currently a specialised jounin and leading Kumogakure Team 13.
  • Liberating Kumogakure.
  • Seen using the chakra of the Hachibi.
  • Been the second one that has ever tamed the Eight-Tails.
Known information The current host of the Hachibi. Several people have reported her using and controlling to some extent its powerful chakra and now it is being said that she has even tamed the beast, to do her bidding. Other than that, she is a very strong taijutsu fighter.

Republic of the Water Country

  • Takeshi Shun
Name Takeshi Shun
Nickname The Chakra Breaker
Clan None
Rank S
Status Alive, leader of the Swordsmen and current Jounin Commander of the Republic.
  • Known for his unique fighting style. 
  • A very experienced jounin. 
  • Gathered the Swordsmen together, after Rika Suzu disbanded them. 
  • Became the leader of the Swordsmen.
Known information Lightning Release and able to use medical ninjutsu are just two traits you need to keep in mind of Takeshi. Other than that, he is an opponent that uses a unique fighting style with using non-elemental chakra, to defeat other shinobi. Which gave him the nick.

Lesser Renowned

People who have done some deeds, known by others, but aren't that very renown - sometimes they manage to hide it and have their renown little for a good reason. They have a little bit of renown, often being recognised in their own village or starting to be recognised.

Empire of Akino

  • Eiji Emiya
Name Eiji Emiya
Nickname Amegakure's Explosion
Clan Emiya Clan
Rank A
Status Alive, currently the Assistant-Regent of the Rain Province.
  • Experienced jounin that uses Explosion Release.
  • Widow of Samaki Samutabe, a former known and infamous Amegakure kunoichi.
  • Assistant and right hand of the Sandaime Amekage.
Known information An experienced jounin classed shinobi that hails from Iwagakure but is in service of the Rain. He uses Explosion release as his main nature and though wielding the not so intimidating poi as weapon of choice, he is reckoned to be a fierce opponent.
  • Hiron Hon
Name Hiron Hon
Nickname The Serious
Clan Hon Clan
Rank A
Status Alive, currently member of the War council and leader of Team 9
  • Mentor of Kiyomi Homura.
  • Jounin who has a big record of disciplining genins and chuunins alike.
  • Becoming Jounin on the age of 15.
  • Being an ex-member of the (Third) Hokage Guard.
  • Leading a Division in the war against Sunagakure, gaining great victories with his cunning ambush tactics
Known information Is a very experienced ninjutsu user that has defeated stronger and higher ranked opponents with his cunning fighting capabilities. Is known for his ruthless attitude in battle
  • Meisa Ichi
Name Meisa Ichi
Nickname The Deceiving Smile
Clan None
Rank B
Status Alive, currently being the secret commander of the ANBU and Intelligence Division of the Empire of Akino.
  • Being one of the minds behind the forming of the Fire Union, serving as the Yondaime's Assistant.
  • Adding several ideas to the Konohagakure shinobi system and gear, improving their overall effectiveness.
Known information A true assassin. Meisa has experience with fighting from the cover, surprising foes with hiding and striking then without a sound. Her expertise with sealing ninjutsu is also very high, being able to use some powerful seals in combat as well.

Lightning Country

  • Chizuko Irozaki
Name Chizuko Irozaki
Nickname ANBU's Lightning
Clan Irozaki Clan
Rank A
Status Alive, currently the ANBU Commander
  • Experienced ANBU that was promoted to the ranks of ANBU Commander.
  • Expert in Kenjutsu and storm Release.
  • Allowed to learn Black Lightning.
Known information Known to be a Storm Release user, easily figured out by her surname. Also an experienced and strong ANBU.
  • Hikyo
Name Hikyo
Nickname Kumo's Guard Captain
Clan N/A
Rank A
Status Alive, currently the Guard Captain
  • Experienced ANBU that resigned, becoming a strategist.
  • The one who started to flesh out the Guard and Police corps, starting to design them into a more effective force.
Known information Is so far only known that Hikyo is an experienced ANBU of Kumogakure and one of the most trusted of the Fourth Raikage. This has led that Hikyo knows and can deploy Black Lightning against his foes.

Republic of the Water Country

  • Hiro Akiyama

Hiro Akiyama

Nickname The General
Clan Akiyama Clan
Rank A
Status Dead, past Jounin Commander.
  • Promoted Jounin after Great War.
  • Becoming Jounin Commander although previously retired
  • Expanding and reforming various parts of the Republican military.
Known information hown to be both skilled and experienced with any weapon that has been placed in his hands, Hiro is recorded to be a rather intelligent man with a high skill in Taijutsu. His record also details a good tactician, both in small groups and an entire military.
  • Mika Hayashi
Name Mika Hayashi
Nickname The Cold Blade
Clan None
Rank A
Status Alive (Though the majority believes she is dead). Leading Kirigakure Team 14
  • Having done several high ranked assassination missions.
  • Had served as an elite ANBU for the Fourth Mizukage.
  • Lead the last revolution, that saw the rise of the Republic of Kirigakure
Known information A fearsome assassin that has served underneath the Fourth Mizukage, being a foe that stalks her prey before finishing them off. Sometimes before their foe realises that they are dead.
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