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In the setting of the Roleplay there are many nations, clans and thus also various traditions and manners. The same can be said about the religions and beliefs that a character can encounter in the setting. Ranging from the nature worship of some nomad clans in the northern range of the Lightning country, to the clashing religion between the followers of Nanami and the worshippers of Youko.

Republic of the Water Country

The Empire of Akino

The Lightning Country

In Other Regions

This will be expanded and updated as the roleplay progresses.

The Oracles

There are several places, either known or shrouded in history, that have been the site to ask questions and possibly receiving answers. Oracles, seers and more names have been gifted to those who live in these mysterious places. The curious or desperate for an answer on a certain question seek out these places, in hope of receiving an answer. This wiki page details the few places that can provide a certain guidance, prophecies as answers on various questions to those willing to brave the dangers that come with both the journey as answers at the end.